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CBD Vape Oil Guide


CBD Vape Oil Guide

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CBD can be consumed or used in several forms (flower, oil, cream etc). In the form of e-liquid , it is dedicated to be used in a vaporizer. We would tell you everything about the CBD vape oil!

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What is CBD Vape Oil ?

The composition of CBD vape oil meets the standards adopted for other e-liquids: mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, potentially with added flavors, but without a trace of nicotine. Be careful, however: the CBD vape oil is not CBD oil.

Why Consume CBD Vape Oil?

Cannabidiol has many forms  (CBD flower, CBD oil, CBD cream, etc.), its e-liquid version is one of the most popular way to consume this beneficial supplement. There are several reasons for this, in that it is portable and easy to use, as well as discreet. You can opt for e-liquid CBD containing 30, 100, 150, 300 mg of CBD per milliliter, or much more. This allows you to accurately measure your daily consumption – an important criterion when you take cannabidiol for a relaxing purpose, because the dosage plays a vital role. In addition, the CBD vape oil  provides access to the substance itself without suffering a host of other inconveniences: the product is isolated and its effects are more intense without the associated toxicity.

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How to Consume CBD Vape Oil ?

The answer is not limited to saying that you need a vape pen. The main issue concerns the dosage of e-liquid CBD, because it depends on the model of vaping: the less dense the product is , the more you have to opt for a high dosage of CBD. Light dosages (less than 150 mg per vial) produce limited effects and are suitable for regular consumption, while higher dosages (more than 150 or more than 300 mg per vial) require a more strict, a maximum of fifteen minutes of vaping per session. A dosage of less than 150 mg is ideal for starting with the e-liquid CBD, and nothing prevents you from increasing thereafter.

Is CBD Vape Oil Related to THC?

Like THC, CBD comes from the hemp plant (cannabis). Both substances are cannabinoids among many others, they are simply the best known and the most used supplement. But the similarities stop there, because CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule. To understand: the consumption of e-liquid CBD or CBD in any other form does not produce effects on the nervous system. In short, you do not “hang”, unlike what happens with the THC.

What are the Benefits of CBD Vape Oil ?

The beneficial effects of the CBD have caused endless debates within the scientific community. When studies demonstrate the medical virtues of cannabidiol, they are being blamed by other parts of the profession for the reason that there is a lack of data and hindsight. The consumption of cannabidiol, for example in the form of CBD vape oil, would help reduce stress and anxiety, fight inflammation and relieve pain in the context of chronic diseases. Some scientists say it would give amazing results in the fight against serious diseases (some cancers) and neurological origin (epilepsy, Alzheimer’s).

Can CBD Vape Oil be used as Medicine?

Several countries have authorized the marketing of CBD-based medicines, and many sick people around the world consume them regularly to relieve their pain and fight against stress or insomnia. In the meantime, while it is difficult to say that it offers a medical benefit, it is nevertheless proven that the consumption of CBD vape oil does not hurt. It has no side effects and many users emphasize its relaxing and soothing virtues.

Does Vaping CBD Help Stop Smoking?

The question is very complex. If it is clear that CBD vaping does not contribute to smoking cessation, or only marginally (it requires specific products), it remains to be seen whether the consumption of CBD vape oil can help smokers cannabis to do without THC. Too few studies exist to date to affirm or refute this idea. One thing is certain: CBD vape oil can only have positive effects on regular users of cannabis, since this substance can counteract the consequences of THC on the nervous system. In other words: Cannabidiol acts as a “dyke” against the psychoactive effects of THC.

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