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Everything you Need to Know about CBD Vape


What is a CBD Vape Pen?

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Cannabidiol is well known to the public due to its close relation with some health and supplementation issues. CBD market is has been emerging in recent years. As cannabis’s reputation has generally been growing in recent years , CBD is an alternative to illicit, THC-rich products. High demand of CBD has lead to a wide selections of CBD products. The most popular and common CBD product is those taken orally , for example, CBD tincture, CBD gummy etc. Besides, other forms of taking CBD are also in demand today. For example, vaping CBD is among the most popular and relaxing way to consume this beneficial supplement.

At the same time, a trend towards technology has emerged in recent years, especially among smokers. We are talking about so-called e-cigarettes or vape pens. The invention, initially conceived as an alternative to tobacco consumption, has meanwhile reached a large audience of enthusiastic users. So it was not far to combine both developments and bring CBD Vape Pens on the market.

CBD vape pens and CBD e-cigarettes are therefore primarily intended to enable the “smoking” of so-called CBD e-liquids. Meanwhile, there are more and more manufacturers and devices on the market, so the following text should help explain what CBD vape pens and CBD liquids are in general, what are the potential benefits of using cannabidiol and what should be taken into consideration when buying CBD vape pens.

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What are Vape Batteries

The vape battery provides the energy needed to heat the resistor and the liquid to produce the vapor. It usually has a button to be triggered . We can call it a vape battery.

How does a vape battery work?

The vape battery works the same way as any other type of battery. It provides the energy needed to operate an electronic cigarette, ie to heat the liquid.

Most vape batteries are Lithium-ion batteries, which work by passing a lithium-ion from one electrode to another. By pressing the battery button, this triggers the mechanism and sends current through the circuit of the electronic cigarette. The battery is usually screwed on a cartridge or vaporizer which contains a resistor. When the battery current passes through the resistor, it will heat up by Joule effect. By heating, the liquid will evaporate.

The battery will fire only if you press the button. And you have to inhale while leaving your finger on this button. The battery must be switched on all the way through the inhalation.

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What are E-Liquids ?

Let’s make it easy to understand, e-liquids are liquids intended to be vaporized and inhaled with an e-cigarette or a vape pen. These are usually based on glycerol – more specifically vegetable glycerin – which is the carrier. This substance says that the mixture provides a kind of smoke during evaporation, which can easily be inhaled.

Such e-liquids are often used to quit smoking , serving as a cigarette replacement for some smokers. Consequently, many e-liquids contain nicotine, but you can also find those without nicotine. Combinations of flavors also ensure a sheer endless palette of different flavors.

The difference between E-Liquids and CBD E-Liquids is that CBD E-Liquids contain additional amounts of cannabinoid CBD.

They are therefore used mainly by people who want to supplement their diet with CBD and decide to take the substance instead of taking it in the form of vaping via the respiratory tract. Vaping CBD makes cannabidiol enter the bloodstream via the lungs and spreads throughout the body. The CBD is finally taken up via the body’s own cannabinoid system. It usually has a quick effect and the whole process is relaxing.

CBD liquids may vary in terms of their CBD content. For beginners , they usually stats with CBD e-liquids with 100mg CBD (per 10ml bottle). On the other hand, more experienced users of CBD Vapes often use products containing 300mg or more of CBD.

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Ingredients of CBD E-Liquids

Depending on the product, the exact composition of a CBD e-liquid can sometimes vary considerably. However, almost all products have in common that they are based on so-called vegetable glycerin (ie vegetable glycerin).

Overall, a CBD e-liquid usually has 4 basic substances.

1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG – Vegetable Glycerin)

Vegetable Glycerin is a colorless and relatively viscous substance. The taste can usually be described as slightly sweet. Glycerol occupies a large proportion of the ingredients in most e-liquids. When glycerol is heated, it evaporates at comparatively low temperatures, forming an easily inhalable, smoke-like vapor.

2. Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a colorless and largely odorless liquid. It has strong hygroscopic properties, which means that it is able to easily bind water vapor from the surrounding air. The substance is approved by the EU as food additive E1520. But not only in food, the versatile material is included. He is also found in skin creams or even toothpaste.

3. Flavorings

For many users, e-liquids are especially popular because, as a customer, you have a large selection of many very different tastes. Depending on the manufacturer and product, natural or artificial flavorings are used. Which flavor or which flavor is right for you, everyone has to find out for themselves.

4. CBD

CBD is added to vape oil/ vape liquid as a beneficial supplement.

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