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How does CBD help with quit smoking?


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If you have ever tried to quit smoking cigarettes, you know that the task is extremely tough … You will feel very bad about yourself, your heart will experience uncomfortable acceleration, your temperament is out of control. In fact, it takes time during a smoking cessation, considerable effort and help … Why? Nicotine, this substance is more addictive than heroin. Fortunately, CBD is also effective in helping us get rid of tobacco, and nicotine. Indeed, cannabidiol positively recalibrates the memory of the smoker.

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms include irritability, increased stress, headaches, insomnia, sweating and chills, fatigue, anxiety, and mood swings. These symptoms are usually the strongest during the first week after the cessation of smoking. And with any process, the probability of relapse is higher at this stage.

Although there are dozens of nicotine-based products, including e-cigarettes, it turns out that cannabis and more specifically CBD is also a powerful tool that significantly helps smokers quit smoking.

CBD is one of the chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are agonists that bind to the special receptors of your cells, called cannabinoid receptors. Unlike the most famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is completely non-psychoactive. Do not expect to get “high” with cannabidiol. However the CBD allows a completely different relaxation and without intoxication.

Some receptors are highly concentrated in the central nervous system while others are found in almost all organs of the body. In addition, the cannabinoid receptors are found in the skin, the digestive tract and even in the reproductive organs. Together, these cellular receptors constitute the body’s largest neurotransmitter network, the endocannabinoid system (ECS). You can consider CBD as a key and cannabinoid receptors as locks.

ECS is a vast network of cellular receptor proteins with many functions. Four main goals of ECS include neuroprotection, stress recovery, immune balance, and homeostatic regulation. Homeostasis is a way of referring to a system that creates an optimal energy balance in the body. And this mechanism is reinforced by the CBD.

In addition, scientists have discovered that the CBD compound does much more than engage in cannabinoid receptors. CBD is polypharmacological. It means that it can affect multiple and different ways at the same time in the body. And so far, this cannabinoid is known to directly or indirectly affect the following:

  • Vanilloid receptors (important for the modulation of pain)
  • Adenosine receptors (important for the sleep-wake cycle)
  • Serotonin receptors (important for mood and stress management)

In short, the main receptors are involved when stopping smoking, and this can be considered brutal. And, of course, CBD will be the perfect candidate as a palliative to nicotine and therefore to cigarettes.

Researchers at University College London have found that cannabidiol (CBD) has helped reduce cigarette addiction. Study participants lowered their cigarette consumption by 40% using a CBD vape pen. The co-author of the study, Dr. Celia Morgan noted “We found that the CBD appears to reduce the importance of benchmarks. It can also reduce anxiety and affect a memory process called “reconsolidation”, that is, when a memory of the smoking reward is reactivated by seeing someone smoking, it is made vulnerable to destruction. .

The CBD is so effective in quitting smoking that many online communities offer advice, recommend its use.

So, if you’re looking to quit your cigarette, get these products:

CBD Oil: CBD oil protects against anxiety and reduces the chances of stress-induced conditions in the brain and nervous system. It also calms inflammatory responses in the body. Ingesting one or two doses of high-content CBD oil just after quitting can not only control your compulsive cravings, but also lessen most of the symptoms. Placing two drops under the tongue at bedtime can also cause restorative sleep.

CBD Vape Pen:CBD vape pen is a perfect gadget to help you turn smoking to vaping.

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Of course the main driven-factor for stopping smoking is your own will. An addiction remains an addiction, and the dependence on dopamine release remains the main problem. It should be noted that the commercial cigarette could be built to reinforce your dependence, with dozens of chemicals combined … Which could exclude from the problem the native tobacco without additives, with a laughable rate of nicotine.

Be that as it may, CBD is a proven palliative against nicotine and smoking in general. CBD helps for the most difficult moments when stopping smoking. This natural medicine will avoid Zyban-style prescriptions (with sometimes dramatic side effects), or overdose so well known with nicotine patches, or chewing gums … In summary, CBD can eliminate positively the compulsive habits associated with the drug. Smoker’s brain (relief of neurotransmitters) This facilitates the abandonment of the user of the cigarette, and smoothly.

Choose some CBD product to help you quit smoking!

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