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How to Fix A Broken Vape Pen Cartridge?


Part I
Is the airflow disrupted?
Check all 4 areas:

  • The mouth piece
  • The bottom air hole
  • The side holes near the bottom threading
  • The air flow slots at the top of the pen

Most mouth piece comes unscrewed so if we do unscrew the mouthpiece we can see real easily if it is clogged. If the cartridge has severe oil leakage, the oil might have clogged up inside of this mouthpiece. In this case, use a pipe cleaner to get that out of there or a little rolled-up piece of paper towel.

Number two is the bottom air hole. If it is not clogged, just skip that. Please pay attention to not to stick anything through the entirety of your cartridge because there are wicks inside the 2 little holes.

Number threes is the side holes near the bottom threading.

When we screw on our cartridge to our battery, those air holes receive air from the fourth section, the air flow slots at the top of the pen. And then the air will enter the side holes near the top of the threading and it will also enter through the bottom.

Check all 4 areas to make sure if your cartridge is clogged or not.

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