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All vaporizers, regardless of quality, can get into trouble after prolonged use. If something goes wrong, it can be difficult to diagnose the problem and find a solution. There are different vaporizers, and each type has its problems. I will first look for solutions for common problems with all vaporizers and then offer solutions for individual problems with each type of vaporizer.

Problem: my vaporizer does not turn on

Solution 1: most vapes have a 5-click function. Therefore, press the on button five times quickly. If it is not switched on immediately, do not try to press it for the sixth time. Wait for some time, and try again.

Solution 2: make sure your vaporizer is completely charged. Just because you put it in doesn’t mean it’s charged. Check the wire of your charger to make sure you have a good connection and the charging indicator lights (usually red) when you connect it. It must light up green or go out when the charger is fully charged. If it is connected, you have a good connection, and it still doesn’t charge, you probably have to replace the charger. Also, make sure you use the correct power source.


Problem: there is no steam, or it is very thin

Solution 1: If you do not get enough steam, you often do not reach the required temperature. Dry herb fumes must all be tempered. Turn it up until you get thicker.

Solution 2: If you have not crushed your herbs sufficiently, you may not get enough airflow, and the hot air will not touch enough surface as it flows through the room. This leads to weak or no steam. Make sure you use a high-quality herb grinder and refine your herbs before packing them.

Solution 3: As with the last solution, your herbs can be packaged even if you serve them well. If there are not enough herbs in the room, even thinner steam is produced. Pack your herbs so that they are a bit compact, but don’t overdo it. If you pack them too tightly, it is difficult to pull.

Solution 4: If you have tried the above three solutions but still have problems with the absorption of steam, there is most likely a problem with the heating element or the convection oven. If your vapor is still guaranteed, contact the manufacturer for replacement. When the warranty expires, there are numerous online vaporizers where you can find replacement parts at a reasonable price.


Problem: it’s hard to touch or pull

Solution 1: Your screen may be barred with resin. In this case, clean the strainer by adding it to a little isopropyl alcohol, rub gently over the resins, and finally rinse with warm water. Make sure you dry your screen before you put it back in the vapor.

Solution 2: Do not overfill your room. With your packaging aid (or cotton swab) you need to gently press on finely ground herbs to pack the room. If your screen is neat and it is too difficult to pull, the room is probably crowded.


Problem: I get smoke instead of steam

Solution 1: your dry herb vaporizer is seemingly too hot. Turn it down till you get nice and smooth steam.

Solution # 2: Burning your herbs and putting them in the ashes can cause burns. While most dry herbs vaporizers use convection, there are dry herb-burning vaporizers. Instead of a “real vaporizer,” combustion vapors burn your herbs at a higher temperature, comparable to smoking. If you have an AGO G5 combustion steam, you can use glass panes to lower the temperature and get more steam. Otherwise, you may want to buy a dry vaporizer with herbal vaporizers.


Problem: the mouthpiece is too hot

Solution: high temperature is required to evaporate dry herbs. After some time, the heat is transferred via the line to the nozzle. The best solution is to buy a rubber extension for your mouthpiece.


Problem: my pen is sticky, and I cannot open it

Solution: This is usually caused by overfilling the room and placing a wax pencil on its side. Never overfill the room – washing will last a while, so a small rod on the spools is usually sufficient. Then there is no excess laundry in your room that can clog threads or other parts. There are wax paper pins that are supplied with a magnetic connection instead of a thread of 510, eliminating the problem of wax jamming in the thread. Always keep the pen upright so that no wax escapes from the chamber.


Problem: coil does not heat

Solution 1: Often, the coil is not installed correctly. Make sure the room is properly connected to the battery.

Solution 2: replace the steam hoses. If you don’t feel any heat in your room, the spirals are probably burned out. Bobbins are not meant to last forever. If you use your vape pen often, you must replace it from time to time.


Problem: bad taste

Solution: replace the coils. Washing concentrates become messy, and something is always left behind. The quality of the wax can be very different, and ultimately, this blend will influence the taste of your new wax. If you notice that your steam is going to work slower, you must replace the batteries.


Problem: I’m hitting my pen but not getting any vapor

Solution 1: The coil or spray is probably not working. Ensure that the coil or injector is correctly attached and connected correctly.

Solution 2: The other cause may be an empty battery. Make sure your battery is fully charged. If it still does not work, the battery may be empty. Try a different battery.

Solution 3: replace the injector. Just like wax vapors, oil vapor pinches and atomizers burn out and need to be replaced occasionally.

Problem: My vape is sticky – although this is more common with wax vape pens, it still occurs with cheap oil cartridges and cheap e-liquid nebulizers.

Solution: Replace your nebulizer, preferably with a quality nebulizer. Every vapor store or pharmacy has different options.

Problem: Burnt and Bad taste – If you ignite a liquid-free atomizer, you probably burn the cotton wick.

Solution: Immediately the cotton wick is burned, all your hits will taste bad. To solve this, replace the injector or coil.


Problem: Atomizer does not work

Solution 1: Check that the wattage of your mod box matches the performance of your injector. Box mods usually have smart nebulizers – if you try to squeeze 30 watts into a dry herbal nebulizer that only needs 10, the mod will protect your nebulizer by not firing.

Solution 2: Do not overtighten the injector as it may damage it. It just needs to be tightened so tightly that it’s safe and yet relatively easy to unscrew.

Solution 3: Replace the injector. If you accidentally emit too much current through your injector, the battery may burn out. These also wear off over time, so you may need to replace them.

Tip: Always read the manual to make sure you understand variable power control before burning an injector.


Problem: Burnt taste

Solution: Replace the injector. If you activate your e-liquid atomizer while it is empty, it will burn the core, resulting in bad taste. If you use concentrates, the accumulated remains of old wax can also give your desires a bad taste. Start with a new atomizer to get nice tastings again.

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