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The Effects of CBD


The Effects of CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the cannabis plant.

However, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and therefore not intoxicating. On the contrary, it even counteracts the THC and helps to mitigate a strong intoxication. But CBD not only acts as an antagonist to THC – the research has now brought many new potential applications for the effect of CBD.

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The effects of CBD

We have the endocannbinoid system (endo = from the outside) in our body, and there are many different receptors in it for different cannabinoids. We have these receptors distributed throughout our body – or in different brain areas. We call them the CB2 receptors; they are responsible for our sense of pain, immune system and inflammatory reactions in our body.

Therefore, CBD can work in such a variety – because our body has the ability to absorb CBD into receptors and thus CBD would effect on our body. We also have receptors for THC – even the same as for CBD. However, CBD acts antagonistically, that is, THC is displaced by CBD from its place on the receptor. THC is therefore the agonist, CBD is the antagonist. The two active ingredients interact with each other.

There are different products that contain CBD, but let’s focus on a specific one. Among all the CBD products, CBD oil, for example, contains at least five substances that have their own spectrum of activity and contribute to the actual effect of CBD. The following substances are included in CBD oil, and other substances – like the CBD itself – are part of the it. In CBD-Liquid, some of the effective phytocannabinoids are included:

  • CBC (anti-inflammatory, analgesic),
  • CBDA (antiemetic, anti-tumor),
  • CBG (antibacterial),
  • CBN (slight psychoactive effect, anxiolytic)
  • The application areas of CBD
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Help with sleep

CBD, of course, also affects sleep. This in turn affects our productivity, mood and general well-being. CBD is said to have demonstrated positive effects as a sleep aid.

Ease Anxiety

Anxiety- generally mental illnesses, which are based on stress – can be eased treated with CBD. High-percentage CBD oil or drops should help even in acute phases – such as panic attacks – against the symptoms and promises faster recovery.


The use of CBD should also have achieved good results in diabetes – although the known diabetes mellitus can not be proven to treat CBD, the intake of CBD for prevention purposes promises significantly better prospects for patients.


CBD can not cure multiple sclerosis (MS) and Crohn’s disease either, but CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties ensure that Crohn’s disease, for example, does not become too disabling. And MS patients can also improve their symptoms.

Allergies and Asthma

For allergies and asthma, CBD sometimes works effectively- not only does it have anti-inflammatory effects, it also helps the immune system to stabilize and build up, effectively combating the cause of the disease, since both diseases are caused by it.


Nausea and nausea can also counteract CBD. Nausea is attenuated by the action of the CBD and nausea is suppressed, which can be hoped for improvement in severe gastrointestinal diseases or pregnancy – or as a chemotherapy patient.

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