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What You Do Not Know about CBD Vape


What You Do Not Know about CBD Vape

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD for short, makes the hemp plant, its active ingredients and medical effects available legally.

We asked ourselves if and to what extent CBD plays a role for e-cigarettes, how it works, in what form it occurs and much more. Below is our comprehensive guide to CBD e-liquids.

CBD oil 2 - What You Do Not Know about CBD VapeCBD oil 2 - What You Do Not Know about CBD Vape

What is CBD exactly?

Cannabidiol is derived from the female hemp plant called cannabis sativa / indica. It is one of more than 100 cannabinoids, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). However, unlike THC, CBD has no such effect.

Since the substance has medicinal properties, the plant has been cultivated for a long time and the CBD contained in it has now been industrially extracted and processed. The structural accuracy of the procedure ensures that the CBD extract does not contain any THC or less than 0.2%.

The mode of action

How CBD affects every human organism in detail is not yet fully understood. What is known so far is that it has a relaxing, calming, anxiety- and antispasmodic effect on many people. It therefore works differently from THC because it does not respond to the same receptors (THC attached to the CB1 and CB2 receptors) in the human body.

It can help quit smoking, reduce epileptic seizures, chronic pain and Parkinson’s symptoms. Incidentally, our body also produces endogenous cannabinoids whose production is stimulated by the CBD.

In 2017 and 2018 studies were published with children and adolescents suffering from epileptic syndromes. The test results showed a significant decrease in seizures during treatment with cannabidiol (compared to treatment with placebo).

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CBD as an ingredient in e-liquid

The e-liquid contains CBD as an additive, much like nicotine. The CBD is prepared so that it can be safely incorporated into the other ingredients of the e-liquid. In addition, of course, then also flavors can be included.

However, it is advisable to be a little careful – as with other e-liquids. Published test results provide information about the exact ingredients. In addition to the pure CBD, other cannabinoids (except THC) might also be included, as well as a list of terpenes. If so-called contaminants (unwanted substances, impurities) appear, you should refrain from the liquid.

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Can you vape CBD oil?

There is some confusion in the CBD market, especially in the vape-related sector. There’s a lot of different CBD products, while few are made to be filled in the tank of a vape pen.

CBD oil as such is in no way suitable to be vaped. The best way to vape in a standard vape pen tank/cartridge is to use a product containing the standard composition of VG and PG. So you can be sure that the device also tolerates the liquid, regardless of whether the vial is CBD Vape Oil or CBD E-Liquid.

E-cigarette vs. Vaporizer

In addition, there are other devices that make it possible to vaporize and consume CBD oil itself. However, it is not always highly recommended, as residues could settle in the lungs, leading to the so-called lipid pneumonia.

In vaporizers, the crushed flowers or granules are usually filled directly and exposed to a high temperature, so that the ingredients dissolve and can be inhaled with the vapor. In contrast, the liquid in the e-cigarette contains the cannabidiol in part and is evaporated along with the other components on the coil.

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Concentration or dosage of cannabidiol

Dosages in common e-liquids on the market vary widely. For the most part, the dosages are now given in absolute terms. In a 10ml vial can be found in about 50-200mg cannabidiol.

Since the effects have not yet been sufficiently tested, it is recommended to first start with a concentration of CBD in the e-liquid of 50 mg and slowly get used to the desired effect. How much you actually get, of course, depends on how much you want to vape.

Suppose you have a tank with a capacity of 2ml and fill in the 50mg CBD-E-Liquid. If you vape the whole tank empty, you have taken a total of 10mg CBD (50mg / 10ml x 2ml).

For percentages such as “contains a maximum of 5% CBD”, a certain skepticism is appropriate, after all, the manufacturer can not or does not specify the CBD content in these cases and you can not be sure about the dose taken.

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Make CBD e-liquid yourself

In principle, it is easily possible to make CBD e-liquid yourself. CBD is alcohol soluble, and since propylene glycol and glycerol are both a form of alcohol, it is sufficient to dissolve crystals in the base and to heat slightly. Under no circumstances should one heat at this step over 50 ° C, since otherwise the active substances dissolve.

When dosing, however, extreme caution is required. Start with small amounts, try several times, slowly approach and document accurately is a good way to find the appropriate dose

Original taste transfers to the e-cigarette

Specifically, a small, compact MTL device is ideal for steaming CBD E-Liquid. It is best to make your own small device for the CBD e-liquid itself, because the tank can retain the characteristic taste of the plant and transfer it to other liquids when it is refilled.

Positive drug test result from the CBD?

A positive drug test after consuming CBD is almost impossible. Why, almost impossible? This is because the tests are looking for the psychoactive THC, which might be contained in the smallest traces in the CBD (maximum 0.2% in the plant, 0.0005% in the final product). With excessive consumption there is a small residual risk that the sensitive test equipment but strike, especially as the threshold for a positive result is only 50ng / ml urine (1 ng = 1 billionth of a gram!).

Nevertheless, this also applies only to high-dose CBD oil and not to CBD e-liquids. In the e-cigarette tank, the substance is once again dosed lower than the oil, which reduces the probability of striking THC at a zero point.

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Final Thoughts: Relaxed Vaping

For more and more supporters of various smokers and steam products, the effects of cannabidiol are undisputed. Relaxing for the head and body and even for serious illnesses it should promise healing. A trendy mayfly will not be the CBD – at least hopefully not, because to date, the modes of action are still too little researched to really know their merits. If cannabidiol were to disappear soon, we could potentially get rid of an important herbal remedy.

Let’s hope that the jungle will soon be cleared out of ignorance and mistaken promises, and that we can indulge in the positive effects of the miracle plant without hesitation.

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